Fact & Figure

Global Islamic & Halal Industry

The islamic economy & lifestyle has gained more and more recognition as more Muslims perceived this lifestyle as their way of life and emphasize it on daily basis in many aspect of their life.

Source: GIE Report, 2017

Halal Industry Sectors

According to the state of the Global Islamic Report, companies in many countries has been responding to this consumer needs, either for products and services. In 2016, it was estimated that the Global Muslim spend across lifestyle sector was USD 2 trillion..

Source: GIE Report, 2017

Global Islamic Economy (GIE) Indicator (Year 2017) was evaluated to 73 countries, based on the following key metric:

  • Supply/demand relative to country size
  • Governance
  • Awareness
  • Social considerations

Halal Industry in Indonesia

Indonesia, total population of 261 Million people with GDP 1015.54 billion US dollars in 2017. This region made by the 87,2% of Muslims. Indonesia is the country with the most relevant presence of Muslims in the world: 12,7% of World’s Muslim people lives here.

With this huge local Muslim market, a good trade relation with Islamic countries, and high demands of halal products from non-muslim countries are the opportunities to develop Islamic products and halal lifestyle in Indonesia.