Indonesia Muslim Lifestyle Festival Strengthens Sharia Economicsbased Perkuat Wirausaha Berbasis Ekonomi Syariah

Jakarta, 15 Agustus 2019 – Indonesia Muslim Lifestyle Festival (Muslim Life Fest) is officially opened by Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan in Jakarta Convention Center (30/8).

The most complete halal and sharia industry in Indonesia will be held for three days, since 30 August to 1 September 2019. It is the collaboration between Lima Event, Komunitas Pengusaha Muslim Indonesia (KPMI) and Perkumpulan Lembaga Dakwah dan Pendidikan Indonesia (PULDAPII), Yayasan Alumni Pesantren Islam Al Irsyad Tengaran (YAPIAT) –Puldapia.

By presenting inspiration of halal and sharia-based lifestyle, Muslim Lifestyle Fest will be the moment for Indonesia in preparing itself to become the centre of sharia-based economics in the world in 2024.

In the speech, Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan Gubernur gave appreciation. He said that the concept of sharia-based business and halal lifestyle should be foundation in driving nation economics. In fact, Indonesia is the most muslims populous in the word. From 267 million people of Indonesia, 87 % are are muslims. It means, 12,7 % muslims in the world came from the country.

Furthermore, the muslims population created new market of halal products with the potential business in the recent 3 years. In 2017, Global Islamic Forum calculated the total expenditure of muslim around the world for many sectors, such as food and beverages, pharmacy, cosmetics, muslim fashion, halal entertainment, halal tourism and even sharia-based finance.

It reported that the expenditure reached US$ 2,1 billion or 0,27 percent from total Indonesian gross products. From the result, then Global Islamic Forum has predicted that sharia-based economics growth will reach US$ 3 billion or Rp45 billion, as same as the growth of world muslims population.  

At present, Indonesia is only ranked 11th and 15th for halal products in the world. Indonesia is also ranked 10 for Islamic finance, halal cosmetics or pharmacy and even ranked 4th for halal travel.  “It’s time for Indonesia to be main actor of sharia-based economics.” Anies explained.

As main actor, Anies added that muslims must have passion in entrepreneurship and good understanding in sharia principle of economy activities. It is supported by the enthusiasm of halal lifestyle that seems to echo for young people. Many of them did ‘hijrah movement’ to fulfil their daily activities with halal lifestyle. Finally, the phenomenon of halal and sharia term were born and then have become the global trend.

“I think Indonesia Muslim Lifestyle Festival created the different idea and concept. It’s not only about inviting people to get closer to halal products, but also serving brilliant thoughts about how we apply contemporary muamallah fiqh to answer the dynamics of people needs who wants to do hijrah with halal lifestyle.” Anies said.

Anies then highlighted that until now Indonesia just have entrepreneur of 3,1% from total population (267 million people). Unfortunately, it is relatively small because developed countries usually have entrepreneur of 14 percent of total population.

With the high number of muslims population and trend of halal lifestyle that happening, Indonesia has big opportunities to print new entrepreneur in doing sharia-based business.

“The exhibition is not only about muslims entrepreneurs gathering. We hope that it can also be khittah, a path of giving birth of muslim entrepreneur to run business based on the prophet teaching in HTB principle, which is Halal, Thayyib and Barakah.” Rachmat Sutarnas Marpaung, The Chairman of KPMI said.

As muslim businessman, although often regulation problems, Sutarnas Marpaung have felt optimist. He looked that there is commitment from the government to build the foundation of sharia-based economics through Masterplan Ekonomi Syariah Indonesia (MEKSI) 2019-2024 that formalized since May 2019. He hopes that Indonesia can be main actor as producer of halal global industry in 2024.

So, KPMI always embraces all parties to collaborate together to strengthen the chain of halal products value in potential sector that are highly competitive, such as food and beverages, tourism, muslim fashion, media, pharmacy and cosmetics. Then, they also contribute in strengthening of sharia-based finance, small and medium enterprises as main activator of the chain of halal products value and digital economy especially e-commerce and financial technology.


In area of 13 thousand meters, Muslim Lifestyle Festival will show seminar program and business workshops, such as export workshop, digital marketing, business counseling about business legality management, HAKI, ISO and even halal certificate. Muslim Lifestyle Festival also will give a chance to businessmen to develop the business through business forum, investor forum, business matching with international buyers and social entrepreneurship competition. 

Besides, Muslim Life Fest also present various interesting literacy event through 8 different halal products; Islamic school, modest fashion, halal food, halal travel, sharia property, halal cosmetic, halal media and sharia-based startup.


For muslimah, they can join hijabers gathering to get closer about muslimah creativity to ‘turn on’ halal lifestyle. There is also ‘job fair’ for job seeker who wants to pursue the career and Pusat Jajanan Halal that let people to get closer about halal food and the certification and competency of halal food maker. The event also invites parents who wants to know deeper about global-oriented Islamic education to join Islamic Education Fair that held by PULDAPIA.

Muslim Life Fest is targeting around 50.000 visitors for 3 days. Just spending Rp25.000, visitors can buy ticket and enjoy enjoy various business discussion, study and even competition from 9.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M, except Day 1 (Friday) because it is free.

 “Through Muslim Life Fest, we want muslim businessmen, government, community and people hold hand together in strengthening the development of economics nation. We believe that Indonesia is potential to be key leader of sharia-based economics in the world.” Director Lima Events Deddy Andu said.

For further information about Indonesia Muslim Lifefestival, please call media coordinator, Kartina Ika Sari, 081310976735, or

About PT Lima Armada Utama

PT LIMA Armada Utama is subsidiary business of Amara Group, a local company group that owned by experienced entrepreneur in exhibitions for decades. Amara group has 6 subsidiary business that all of them are focused on exhibitions. They are Amara Satu Raya, Traya Eksibisi Internasional, LIMA Armada Utama, Seven Events, Nine Events and Sebelas Kawan Parjo with various clients from many industries, such as IT, Automotive, Hospitality, Dentistry and so on.

In 2017, Amara Group is successfully managed 3000 exhibitors from more than 10 industries and bring in 1,5 million visitors. One of the biggest portfolio is GIIAS (Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show) that placed in area of 100.000 meters and attracted more than 450.000 visitors.

About Komunitas Pengusaha Muslim Indonesia (KPMI)

KPMI is found since 2010 in Bogor by some Islamic leaders and muslim entrepreneurs who have strong willing to spread the knowledge about how muslims businessmen doing and managing the business according to the guidance of Quran and the Prophet’s Sunnah.

KPMI is based on Pancasila and Undang Undang Dasar 1945. They also always carrying out the program and event based on Islamic creed and Sharia.

These days, KPMI members are spread in 40 regions in Indonesia and 3 regions abroad. There are more than 32.000 people consists of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs want to be.

About Perkumpulan Lembaga Dakwah dan Pendidikan Islam Indonesia (Puldapii)

Puldapii is the community of da’wah institution and Islamic educations based on Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah. They are active on education, da’wah, social, economy, advocacy and people empowerment.

The institution has the aim and objective to build relationship of mutualistic cooperation among members in education, social-economy and advocacy to all members.

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